Embroidery is the process of stitching a logo or design
directly through the fabric. Almost all fabric types can be
embroidered, including garments, bags, caps and knitted
garments. Different techniques in stitching can be employed to
achieve the greatest result and maximise the impact of each individual

We have a full team of in-house digitisers to advise you on your logo
and requirements specific to your needs. Free quotes are available on
any and all embroidery needs.

Artwork for your embroidered design/logo can be supplied in most digital formats or in hard copy, i.e. business card, letterhead, hand drawn pictures. However, the clearer the artwork the better the embroidered product will look. Our preferred file type is a high resolution pdf.

Pricing embroidery depends mainly on the number of stitches incorporated in the design and the quantity of units being embroidered in each order. Unlike screenprinting, the number of colours is mostly irrelevant, up to nine colours. (Specific orders can go as high as 12 on request).

We use two types of embroidery thread, rayon and polyester, each having its own place and specific uses. The colour ranges of these threads is vast and most colours can be matched within a shade or two. PMS or PANTONE colours can be quoted, but they are used as a guide only, as there are many more PMS colours than embroidery thread colours to match.

Promotional products can be branded with your logo/design. Unlike embroidery, the pricing for promotional products is dependent on the number of colours in your logo. Print type is dependent on which method is most suitable for the product you choose; these include pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving, sublimation and full colour printing.

A high resolution pdf or vector artwork is required to get the best results from your logo onto promotional products. We can then create a design with your logo to suit the space available.