Embroidery is a permanent, high quality technique of branding to identify or advertise a group, company or organisation. It can be applied to almost any type of garment or fabric. i.e. fleece, knits, caps, linen, nylon.

The thread used in embroidery is made up of a durable viscose/ rayon or 100% polyester, depending on the application and use of the garment being branded. It is suitable for most washing processes including dry cleaning or home laundering.

All of our embroidery machines are the Tajima brand, from Japan, and considered to be the finest makers of embroidery machines in the world. They are essentially large sewing machines with sophisticated software to enable it to convert a ‘digitised’ design into an embroidered logo. Each machine has multiple sewing heads with up to 12 thread colours, that sew the same design simultaneously and identically as the next. The largest machine being built has 50 sewing heads, which means it sews the same design 50 times at the same time!

Digitising is the process of converting a design or logo into a computer program the machine can read, using very specific software and the human touch. This is a time consuming process and requires a high level of skill. Tim Baker (Director of Stitches Embroidery) is a world class digitiser and has won several awards in the USA for his digitised embroidery designs.