These are some of our stock designs which we have created of New Zealand flora and fauna. This gives you and idea of how intricate and effective our embroidered logos can be.


Here are some examples of custom prints.

Promotional Products

Just a few examples of items we have had branded for marketing and promotional purposes. The Chameleon Mug is particularly effective, being black when cold with a single colour overprint showing, then when hot water/drink added the design materialises, slowly vanishing again as the mug cools.



Samples of our standard lettering styles

These are from our standard lettering styles which do not incur a setup cost when used. The embroidery cost will be calculated only on stitch count. Don’t worry though if your font isn’t included here, we can still create your logo with your design, it will just need to be hand-drawn by our digitisers.

Print and Vinyl Cut